Bali Mountain Retreat

A wonderful day starting with a lovely hot break fast on my Deck and then a all an a massage 

Awaiting my friend Mary Lee, for the drive up to the the MOuntain.   Now this is the Jungle !

Located in the central part of Bali, In a small village,  it is full of the sounds of the jungle, birds and Monkey, lots of flying things.  ,  and huge papaya.  

Eating, chatting and resting.   A lovely way to spend the day…  

Thinking about those lovely coconuts .  

I feel very detached from my life today.  It is one of those days I wake in tears,  and then seem to express all my emotions at once.   Then the rest of they day feels like I’m someone else watching my life. 

I have a lovely roommate, I hope my tears don’t bother her too much in the night and days.  

The evening rain is starting.  I’m nervous about all the slippery places.  Using my walking stick regularly.

Our lovely room Arujana is located on the far edge of the property.  And seems to be where all the local dogs go by.   Fun to see them.  

Off for a dinner at sunset.  Wanting to be in the moment of the day.  And glad.  that I am not in the heart of depression.  Grateful for the rest and the lovely joy of being here. 


Sacred Dance Guild Librarian, Dancer, Systems Librarian, Sufi, Lutheran, Giggler, Traveler, Snorkeler, Joyful!

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One comment on “Bali Mountain Retreat
  1. dbethell says:

    Tears are good. The rain is moving with them and earth and you are being cleansed and comforted. XO This is your time. Namaste.

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