Butterflies shells and life reflections

Our lives are full of shells, The shells we hide in the places we discover.

The moments of our past could each be a shell in our lives, a shell of love, a shell of fear, a shell of joy, a shell of grief. Over time they are washed up on the ocean of our lives and broken down into bits. The bits all blend together into the sand of our lives. Sandy lives full of the shiney, smooth, dark, dirty delightful and rough bits … All smoothed out till we are comforted and held in them. Like laying on the seaside in the warm sand. The wind of life goes by and we continue on but the sand below us is supporting us and comforting us, or maybe poking and prodding us. Scratchy and inspiring us to movement or smooth so we sink into the restful moments of time.

It is lovely to find these times where we are sinking into the sand made of our past shells (experiences) all crushed and worn till they are totally transformed.

Nautilus shell of our existence, we have so many chambers that we have grown as we live. As one chamber is completed it gets mostly sealed so that a new one will form and it goes on and on. To float we pump air into our chambers and they we flow with the oceans currents. Life happens all around us and we can take ourselves up and down thru the flow. In each of these chambers we have the memories of the times when it was formed. The lessons learned that made that chamber what it is. The flow between the chambers treating them all with value and respect is what makes us who we are. Just as in the nautilus shell we cannot rise of fall unless all the chambers of our lives all the aspects of our existence are interconnected and allowed to support us.

The Nautilus lives very deep in the sea and lives a very long time.

Pulelehua is a butterfly in Hawaii, and the name of a lovely woman who transformed herself, by accepting and embracing all the parts of her life. One way to do that is to writing, acknowledge it happened and integrate it into the current self.

Each chapter or part of her life is like a seashell of experiences and Held together by the hard outside of the shell and live moments being the soft interior being that lives there.
Overtime the soft part is lost in the process of living and time. And the shell breaks down in the sand that makes up our day to day Aloha! Pulelehua


Sacred Dance Guild Librarian, Dancer, Systems Librarian, Sufi, Lutheran, Giggler, Traveler, Snorkeler, Joyful!

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