Bali a place to heal, dance, pray & find a missing part of me

Coming to Bali I felt so raw, alone, confused, I’d lost my sense of direction in my Grief over my dear son Shane dying.  I could not find my way to places I knew and loved and I just wanted to weep and do all I could to stop the truth from being true.

When I arrived I could not stop to see what was around me.  I  just felt like it was one more place I would come to ANC forget.  But after a night sleep waking to the beauty of the sunrise, I felt a bit intrigued.   Maybe it would be okay. 

I’d ordered breakfast to my room and it was delightfully delivered. 
 I heard then saw the lovely fountain and garden below me.  Then the wave of grief hit.. How could I be here in this when Shane is gone?  How can it be true?  I think I will struggle with that question for a long time. 

First views of city had me wondering why I’d come 

Then finding a massage in a small place with a scooter for company   Too funny and yet a great massage.  And she held me when cried.

I headed to the mountain to join the Sacred Dance Guild for a week of glorious dancing and tears, and songs, and finding new strength in myself. 

Dreaming of a world where all that pain was a dream

Dancing MOving mysteries

Letting go into the fire and sending my love to Shane and my other loved ones!

The Lotus to help us remember our time on the MOuntain,  I hope it helps bring me back in my heart!

Our night of dinner and dancing in Ubud.  

Dancing the Mandala at the Ashram where I found my heart again. 

A process of meditation called super consciousness  awake me to the wonder of the world. Again.  At least for now the day tastes sweet and I can feel my dear son here in the moment.  

I came here after having    a dream that my mom and sister where here asking  me to join   them.  then Paster Tim entered and agreed that here I could find a new lease on love of the all beings here. 

I did find a missing part of me.   Hard to describe what was gone or how I know it has returned but it has.  Now to find more I can add to the joy of the world 


Sacred Dance Guild Librarian, Dancer, Systems Librarian, Sufi, Lutheran, Giggler, Traveler, Snorkeler, Joyful!

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2 comments on “Bali a place to heal, dance, pray & find a missing part of me
  1. john w travis says:

    You giggle like Woodie Woodpecker!

  2. sherylelaine says:

    Thank you for sharing the images and words – what an amazing description of your journey to Bali and the “Grace Flowing” that you found. Hugs my friend, – Sheryl-Elaine

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