Yayasana Ånand Åshram, Ubud Bali

Ashram is heaven. Very quiet, time to reflect and write and swim and meditate… Good spot for it.

Rest,  I cannot believe how much I sleep.  In all times of day and night.  I sleep long nights and nap in the day.  Waking crying,  or happy .  But waking so that is good.  

I am stilling by this pool feeling the joy of the water falling filling the air with dancing ions of delight.  A healing pool to share the restful moments of life.   Or to let go of the rest.  The water refreshingly cool,  it is a wonderful place to feel the grief fall away and the pain lessens even for just a moment.  Under the water I can scream and let go.  
 the peace and calm of this place is delightful. I can feel the loving spirit of us pilgrims. The caretakers, of this delightful retreat are open to the heart and live in harmony with the land. The bungalows are lovely for having comfort and yet living in nature. A true Bali experience. The rooms in the main build are also lovely. Simple dorm rooms, the 2nd floor rooms good for going within few distractions but the sound of water into the Healing Pool. The Top floor rooms have lovely views of the Rice fields

   The upstairs chapel is all made from recycled wood, amazing, the main hall reflects the belief of unity thru diversity. 

Symbols of all kinda of religions and the blessed icons of the 

It is so delightful and so human, the penis everywhere….. And I love St. Jhulelala the Saint on the fish. The greeting is Jhulel. Which means are you still dancing?   Tonight I am told we will sing many dances in honor of him.  
 The free meditation and yoga sessions are blissful and open wether or not you are staying here. 

Statues in Ashram garden

THe JOyful Bhudda says, be joyful and & share your Joy with others.

A real find for anyone looking to go to a place to meditate and find peace away from the hubbub of the city. 

Pulelehua at the Chapel of the Goddesses

Pulelehua at the Chapel of the Goddesses

When I shared with the group Shane’s struggle and my tender heart they all prayed for me right them and loved the story of holding the heart together  As The Grout of Love set US up and  holds together . 

. I hold this place in my heart and I am held also They have all kinds of meditation, dance, singing, chanting in, whirling to name a few.

OK it is just what I need an I’m so happy I found it.


Sacred Dance Guild Librarian, Dancer, Systems Librarian, Sufi, Lutheran, Giggler, Traveler, Snorkeler, Joyful!

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