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Dancing my kaleidoscope of Grief ( Butterflies )

Once long ago, and maybe far away, the first hurt happened. It was was easy then, when the hurt happened the response was a heart-centered response of the mind, body, and spirit. When we were much younger, hurts happened to

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Changing times and feelings

3 months, it’s been 3 months, well kind of .. This month has no 31st… He died March 31st, it’s June 30th. So is that 3 months, or does 3 months never come… Never come. Maybe it’s a a dream,

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The wave that hit… Those moments..

Quietly waiting for an airplane to board, a lovely man asks, me am I traveling alone. And it hits me. I’m feel Soo alone. I hold myself together, looking out the window, focusing anywhere I can. There is a large

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Bali a place to heal, dance, pray & find a missing part of me

Coming to Bali I felt so raw, alone, confused, I’d lost my sense of direction in my Grief over my dear son Shane dying.  I could not find my way to places I knew and loved and I just wanted

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Yayasana Ånand Åshram, Ubud Bali

Ashram is heaven. Very quiet, time to reflect and write and swim and meditate… Good spot for it. Rest,  I cannot believe how much I sleep.  In all times of day and night.  I sleep long nights and nap in

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Bali trip 1 goes to 2 then there are 14

ahhhh A day that is like a deep sigh… I so enjoy the wonders of this place. A long hot stone massage. A walk down the road to see the local peeps and the dogs and chickens, rice paddies ,

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Butterflies shells and life reflections

Our lives are full of shells, The shells we hide in the places we discover. The moments of our past could each be a shell in our lives, a shell of love, a shell of fear, a shell of joy,

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