Good morning Bali!

Aloha Bali

I just learned how to say good morning but it’s slipped my mind already

It is beautiful

The sound of the Yoga group chanting right outside my window, the fountain below. Room 37 is pretty nice. Big and comfy

The sacred is everywhere. It is common every day blessing.

A large mango tree shades the garden below. The birds are with their symphony of sounds. Bugs buzzing too but just a few. Every early before the scooters take over the soundscape.

The blessings of the drama talk in the yoga studio. While they do the poses. It is so lovely to watch I’m on the second floor right lined up so I can see the thru the trees. Bringing in the dawn with practices and prayers

Yesterday I worried I was in the wrong place, too tired and hungry… But today I find myself in paradise without the day to day tasks. I can write and rad, and walk along, cry and morn and keep on crying. Weep for my dearly departed dearest son. Weep for the lost heart. And finding a place to be grateful for all he gave, and for all he left behind. For the joy of his wisdom and calm.

Finding myself in the moment of today.

Rested after a long day of travel. 11 hours of sleep is a good start.

Feeling I am here. And yet where is that?

Place doesn’t matter, it’s all in the heart the heart of loving grace.

I’m glad I found myself to be awake predawn. I really value the silence. And now i find I am in the moment of all all awakenings
More birds, the sound varies throughout this hour of predawn and dawn the birds are happy to awaken singing. I want to awake singing so I shall. Hoonani ka makua Mau…….

The golden hour.. Lovely


View from my room


Writing and awaiting breakfast

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Sunrise on Bass Lake

I awoke at my ʻnormalʻ time an hour before the sunrose. I set out to view the other side of the lake and watch the sunrise. Me and the dog. toooo tooo fun..

we ran, we sang, we danced we are sooooo happy ! what a start to an amazing day!IMG_8418.JPG




I spent much time in prayer for my sonʻs health and that he start taking care of himself. Go to the doctor and receive care. His sweet heart is so good to him. I Hope he turns around his health care for her if not for himself. Pray pray pray.





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A Night of Lights Sept 14, 2014– And Vespers a few days before

Singing, candlelight, prayers desire to add dance.

Lucia and I attending Vespers at the Abby on Thursday night Sept 10, and it felt detached, somehow it was so had without having German and the Nunʻs sat out of sight so we were disconnected… we werenʻt near the other people sining so hard to do.


Then on Sunday we attended the night of lights worship and song, again not having the language did make it difficult. I think now we could have asked for more help or spent time talking afterwards, but the service was 90 minutes in a cool not to comfortable church, so i think we both were drawn to leave. Hard somtime to start the conversations. Luckily Lucia and I both like to chat so usually one of us makes the break through. We sang together with the local community. It was a good time for reflection. The readings were not something i could understand except occasional references to light and dark and Gott and like that. So i meditated, and made an audio file for lucia and sent her email with photos of the music

We are at St. Hildegards Parish church it was really really lovely in the candle light.



The Music from the service. There was no program we just waited for the Numbers for the songs to pop up on the display. the read, had a choir for some songs and we sang others. The candle lit space invited dance… but We didnʻt know these people or think to ask before the service happend. Lesson learned.


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St. Hildegard Pilgrimage — Benedictine Abby Rudesheim

We awoke and revealed in the joys of our lovely Hotel Then set off for what was to be an hour walk to the Abby. We wandered to a less used trail (giggles) bought an umbrella for the rain that was blessing us and found our way thru forest and vineyards. The walk took closer to 2.5 hrs. but was only about 2miles. (okay yes I am very relaxed in my walking)

As we walked we find signage that showed us we were on the “Hildegard Weg” (see the brown nun on the sign post) .IMG_6847.JPGIMG_6858.JPGIMG_6857.JPG


We could see the towers as we approached the Abby. This is a very modern place, with a kloster (54 nuns) a gift shop (yes wine and schnapps were tasted). You can stay here as a guest. they not only tend their vineyards, they also do gold smithing and Restore manuscripts and have an astonishing library.





Qr codes to go to their websites, and Audio tours you can stream for the church.. modern world tools to walk in the ancient ways.



Okay yes the libary is my favorite


Our friend Betsey Beckman has lead pilgrimages in honor of the Feast day of St. Hildegard de Bingen.
Pulelehua and Lucia singing and dancing “Viriditas” (The Greening) inspired by the words of St. Hildegard put to music by Betsey Beckman In the background is the Benedictine Abby of St. Hildegard. Sacred Dance done in this sculpture garden


The Abby Church is so wonderful




We stayed for Vespers and then stayed to sing in the Church, including Viriditas and Ubi Caritas …. Lovely












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Reflections on the Beginings and the Sacred dance Guild Board meeting and workshops

I have not taken time out to write much on this trip.

Did a bit of verbal recording, but mostly have just stayed busy, posted photos to FB and read books, txt friends, and listened to the world around me.

Lots of walks, Most mornings up for the dawnish time and then adventures throughout the day followed by morning walks. Time to sit, meditate and dream.

I left home a month ago and get home in 3 weeks, Seems like a forever time of travel with friends old and new.

This time started with amazing adventures with the Sacred Dance Guild Board in Ottawa Canada, My first delightful hosts took me to see the sights and let me rest to recuperate from the 20 hr trip.

Our 2013-14 SDG board of directors

The meeting and dancing began. We danced as faries, made sounds and felt our bodies, and came from the Goddess like a drop of water flowing to the river. We compared notes on where were were and where we might be. We dreamed and schemed. Much eating and walking by the river, socializing and planning… and before you know it we were done with the old and into the future planning a lovely festival of sacred dance for the summer of 2015. IMG_1545.JPG


Together with community near and far we shared a rejuvenating Weaving Webs of LIght workshop lead by Cherie Hill.




We meet on a rainy morning, in a lovely old church hall. I was so happy to see many friends from past sacred dance festivals and events. I’ve been a lifetime member of the Sacred Dance Guild since 1995 and the friendships are so deep even though we seldom meet in the flesh (thank God for social media).

We started by stretching our beings on a dusty floor, with a harp guiding us into relaxation. Revealing in the mess and finding a place to be our best stretched self. I was amoung the group around the edges altering the moves to fit my needs. Moving as we could and appreciating the many young and old who could still do all those moves.





Off we went into Creative movement through the Webs of Light, alone and in community. Finding a place deep inside where the webs are shining, and spinning out to friends familiar and new. Beauty surrounds us. The harpist continued to fill the air with inspiration.

A drummer appreared, we learned African dance moves across the floor. All the bodies interpreting the moves, into an amazing symphony of dance.
Amazing how all the same moves are different and yet the same together.
For the first time I felt one with these dances and enjoyed them from tip to toes.

The delightful annual SDG membership meeting was full of updates by the board members, giggles and wiggles while we ate our scrumptious lunch lovingly made by the ‘men’ of the SDG board. The State of the Guild address delivered by Wendy our President was full of Reality, Hope and Gratitude. What an amazing group that a business meeting can be so much fun.

The afternoon was full of more dancing, we learned the choreography to
Break the Chain A dance that is done all over the work on Valentines day to support the end of Violence against women. For more info on starting an event or finding one near you go to One Billion Rising

Then the Moving Mandalas, choreographed by Cherie, We danced a Mandala of love and meditation and hope. This dance we then shared on Sunday morning in a local park to fill our souls with the best of all we are.

That night we embodied a planetary dance. We each brought our petitions forward and walked and ran and moved them into a splendid prayer of healing for our intentions and the planet we live on.

I was changed by this day of dance and reflections and community. My sense of who i am came a bit clearer. Myself a bit stronger, fuller, more splendid and calmer…. ahhh




Debbie Danbrook and her musical friends joined us for Dancing by the park Sunday morning in a park by the River and by then the mandala moves inspired us at Remic Rapids rock sculptures on Monday Evening. These embodiments of our purpose are highlights of why I love being on this board, we meet hard, we plan well, we take chances, we put ourselves on the line and online and then we dance into the world around us.




I look forward to our continued struggles and joyous affections and to the upcoming festival



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Protected: reflections on life in the cold wet cloudy lands

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Sept 13’s mediation reading and reflections

The Book of Awakening, Having the life you want by being presence to the life you have by Mark Nepo

Today in Rudesheim, Lucia and I shared a wisdom glance, I see the heart of a mother, a woman who has loved a man for more than 40 years, a singer dancers, a dear heart full of joy and wonder and amazment. Free to dance, willing to gaze, and to be just be totally and wonderfully in the day and way of life. I am so blessed to have a friend like this in my life. One willing to put up with my moods and slow walking, my need to be alone and to share too much. The sun in shining in on me today. a rare time in this trip which has been full of so much cold and rain at least for Aug and Sept seems cold. The trees are changing around us. The colors slowly sneaking out what a time for reflection, for joy for transformation.

I am thankful to be here now with another wisdom creature. thru her wise eyes i see myself a bit clearer, more fully. She is free with dance and song and encourages that in me. Open and yet reserved in her heart. I see me in her and i see her in me and God’s wisdom with us both. We are revealing in theembrace of God the Love, lover and beloved. all that we are and can be. what a joy!

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Time to rest and reflect on the mountain

After many fun days with friends and family of Miss Lucia we struck out on our own to Rudesheim. We pampered ourselves with a stay at the Hotel Jagdschloss Neiderwald
Time to rest, walk in the woods, Sunrise, moonrises and sunsets over the Rhein, Sauna, Pool, great food, vineyard and my favorite and the woods ……












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Time with the Bethels, Camping, Dog walking, Touring and family

My time with Deborah and Rick started started at at dinner with the SDG board and then again during the Weaving Webs of Light workshop, We danced our intentions at the planetary dances.

Then right after the Sacred dance guild meetings and dance workshops wrapped-up they came and whisked me away to Quebec, just across the river but another world of French language everywhere and the luxury of my own little suite.



These dearest friends took me to see the Ottawa river, I had been walking to the river from the Ontario side and now i was walking on the otherside in the Quebec provience. What fun!

They planned dinners with friends and family alike we revealed in the hot tub, and they worked on the trailer they are building See their Blog for updates on the trailer..

Next we were off to Camping in Bon Echo a couple hour drive away to the forest around a lovely deep lake with a sheer cliff that would echo back our calls.
I was treated like royalty.

They set up camp and sent me off with the dog and friends to hike the river trail. It was a bit muddy and had incredible views of the lake and my first view of the Cliff with Old Walt inscribed on it. We visited the museum and headed back to camp for a delightful time around the campfire with these lovely people who treated me like a friend on first acquaintance.




I have never camped in such splendor, they in their trailer, me in my 5 person tent, with a table, lamp, rug, futon, pillow and 2 sleep bags OMG what a dream.

The lake called out to swimmers, kayaking and i took the discovers boat ride to learn of the history of the amazing place.



All to soon it was time to go, The doggie and I hiked the Sunrise rock our last morning and after many goodbyes we were on our way!

Another day was spent hiking waterfall and the at the lovely Gatineau Park


We lucked out to find a friend when we visited the Remic Rapids again to pose for more lovely pictures

We spent a day touring the beautiful downtown area of Ottawa, and they took me to 3 libraries in one morning, the City library, the Parliament library and the National library. Yes I was in Heaven.

for more pictures





OUr last day again came too soon but we got a chance to hike Pink lake





Thank you for letting me be a silly tourist





Thank you for sharing your family and friends with me





Mostly thanks for being such amazing friends

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Ahhhhhh to walk along the way to find the waterfalls and be started by all the cowbells. It is so funny that a cow bells can seem soo picturesque but when you are trying to listen to nature such as the waterfall those bells are so loud and annoying

Okay truthfull speaking I have small crush and Thomas Lucius cousin, so handsome so nice so good with chocolate silly but fun

Did my technology thing again so like in Zurich I helped Rosmarie with Facebook here in fumes I have Thomas with visor he tried to get them to do yet up the Facebook listing Google reviews in Google maps
Yesterday we took a long drive over the Alps to go to the Italian side of Switzerland to be in the sun for your day today back and through it’s in the 40s freaking cold but not raining so

Taking an early morning walk to the little waterfall nearby then I’ll head back to the Catholic Church to do mass with Lucia and Antoinnettel

So picturesque so lovely what a wonderful place to be

To be a tourist is using all the sounds here though hopefully he’ll set I can hear the river flowing it rained so hard here you could hear it I don’t know if you can hear it in the back on here but you can hear wish there’s a bus on the road

I can see my breath and you can see who still has wood-burning stove soon their homes because there’s smoke coming out of the chimney or woodburning furnace is interesting

I love being in a cold place when it’s the end of summer September 1 I would name a call this fall but there’s definitely trees changing color but when you’re in a cold climate that’s going from summer to fall off even the people here think it’s cold when it’s only 40° so not cold for Swiss

Giant bales of hay on the size waiting to go into the bar and I guess although these are all wrapped in plastic so maybe they leave them out he’s teeny tiny things I think of walkways appear to really be Roads buses on them and street signs for half

We see Cornell a little late for corn I would think you’re being September but maybe I don’t know enough about crops to be Corallet corn for Thanksgiving so maybe it comes later hope in hell you can see St. George’s think we’re going up there today baby for a hike I hope you don’t mind that I’m so slowPeople here are so handy and make all kinds of things and selling out of their homes are all kinds of place

I love my morning walks give me time to myself the reflection some thoughts prayers and then scooting over sitting meditation with others since I can’t understand German and the masses and now meditating there rather than sitting alone and meditating tonight sweetie meditate more getting up and down that I normally wouldn’t but it’s lovely

Aloha! Pulelehua

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