Summer 2014 travels

My summer trip will take me to Ottawa Canada, Zürich and other parts of Switzerland, Towns on the Rhein including Rudenshiem & Bingen and other parts of Germany and  then finally to California to visit family and friends.

In Ottawa I will be serving on the board that hosts the Sacred Dance Guild   Annual Membership meeting.  and participating in The Weaving Webs of Light Dance workshop.

After days of working and dancing, I’ll be staying with some dear friends and going camping in Bon Echo Park.  Lucky lucky me!  Thank You Deborah and Rick!

So after all that fun…. I jump on an airplane and fly to Zürich Aug 28-31) to meet up with Lucia.   after a couple days in Zurich staying with  Vitus & Rosemarie ;   Sept 1-3, we go on to Flums (near Sargans ) to stay with Tomas (   Sept 3-5 Baar    Marrianne ;  sept 5-7 Karlheinz  Langenbrucken

Then on to the Rhein river   to stay at a beautiful Spa and orchard with vineyards, Hotel Jagdschloss Niederwald , after 4 days of spa life we go down to the city to stay  at an apartment managed by and h  we are staying in Yellow  (ahhh)

Here is our draft itinerary for our days in Germany…

Mon Sepy 8 arrive Hotel Jagdschloss Niederwald 1

65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein


Tue Sept 9  wander area,  Monument  Swim relax

 Wed Sept 10   Bingen Museum am Strom – viewing of the exhibition on Hildegard von Bingen – the great mystic.   Ferry and walking  3pm services at st. Hildegard

Sept 11  Castle tour ?  char lift to  Assmannshausen

Friday Sept 12  transition to new place apartment Ferienwohnung Querfeldheim Yellow 1.floor with terrace

Christophelstrasse 1,65385 Rüdesheim   (taxi I think )  Go hear music at the Hotel St. Germaine that night

Sat Sept 13    Castle?  Wine walk?  Or….

Sunday Sept 14  Sunday Services at St. Ruchus in Bingen  Only time church is open is during services   Tour the Gardens, the forum  Shop open 2-4

At St. Hildegard NIGHT OF LIGHTS , 21.00 (9pm)  vocals, music, lyrics, meditation  parish and pilgrimage church of St. Hildegard

Mon Sept 15    — Benedictine St. Hildegard convent with its shop   Our convent store is Monday to Saturday from 9.30 clock – 11.45 and 14:00 clock – 17.00 clock open.Saturdays open all day Sundays public holidays 14.00 – 17.00 clock.  one and visit the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Hildegard situated among the vineyards above Rüdesheim. The community of nuns here live according to the Rule of Saint Benedict and in keeping with the traditions of Saint Hildegard. Prayer and work, contemplation and action, seclusion and hospitality all characterise their way of life. Those who make the journey uphill to discover this peaceful commune are greeted by a magnificent panoramic view of the Middle Rhine Valley.

The abbey church is well worth a visit, whether to study the frescos painted in the style of the Beuron art school or simply for silent contemplation. An extensive shop offers an exquisite range of items for sale, including a large assortment of books, cards and artwork from its own studios, as well as a selection of fine wines, sparkling wines and liqueurs produced from the abbey’s very own vineyards. Any guests wishing to stay at the abbey for a longer period of time can find out more by enquiring at the entrance gate or via the internet.  

Tues Sept 16  Castle Plus river tour?

Tues day Sept 16 19.30 (7:30pm)   mystery play Hildegard of Bingen: “Ordo virtutum”

dance, song and reading through the gaming community
Schola GUG; Director: Bettina Gies  Parish and pilgrimage church of St. Hildegard

Wed Sept 17  Festival At Church  15-20 min walk  8.15 Clock Word of God celebration for the students of the

Julius-Alberti-primary school in the parish and pilgrimage church

10.00 clock Pontifical Mass in the square before the church
Bishop Ambrogio Spreafico, Frosinone, Italy

12.00 clock – Common lunch; Coffee and cake
– Opportunity for confession and confessional

15.00 clock relics celebration on the square before the church
ceremonial address: District Dean Georg Franz,
Priestly head of pastoral space Rüdesheim / Lorch / Geisenheim

  • “We children encounter the Holy Hildegard” –
    children catechesis
  • Procession of the reliquary
    Musically helped shape the MGV “Cecilia”, Eibingen
  • The reliquary after the Pontifical Mass
    opened and after the ceremony to worship relics

Thurs Sept 18  —- shopping… last minute fun

Friday Sept 19  train to  Airport.


Then after all that!   Off to Los Angeles to visit with Mary, Tony, Chris, Liz, Max, Sophie, Linda and Craig,.. and meet up with Shane and Renae and Go to Yosemite, or other  fun place..

wow I’m tired just thinking about it.



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